The Studio



Vivre Pilates Studio just moved from West Auckland to Mount Albert . The studio is fully equipped with high quality apparatus originally designed by Joseph H Pilates.

We want you to enter into the studio and feel good — a big space with natural light and enough room to move freely.

Free Parking is available just in front.

At Vivre Pilates Studio we teach the original Method. We want to stay close to the way Joseph H Pilates developed this body conditioning. Pilates not only uses matwork, but incorporates equipment to help you to understand the Method and get the best out of the sessions.

Joseph H Pilates shaped his system to be integrated into daily life and at Vivre Pilates Studio we keep that spirit. Our mission, along with your regular practice, is to help you to enjoy the sessions and become aware of your body — learning how to control it and feel how Pilates can improve your strength, posture and more.

To live Pilates is Vivre Pilates!


about pilates


Pilates is not just exercise. It is a system of specific movements organised in a way to strengthen and stretch all the muscles of your body with control. All these movements are initiated from your "Powerhouse" or "centre" (means your core).

Following the six principles of the method – concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision and flow – Pilates can enhance strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, posture, coordination, self confidence and also reduces stress...
Simply: the Pilates method contributes to improve your wellbeing.

Everyone can practice Pilates at Vivre Pilates with sessions tailored to the needs and abilities of your body. Whatever your age, fitness level, gender — everybody can enjoy Pilates.

Learn more about Joseph H Pilates .